Product Lines

"Sullivan Paper boasts an extremely diverse portfolio of product lines, featuring the finest base papers, embossing textures, printed patterns, and environmentally conscious products. These product lines are only the beginning of the possibilities."


The Designworks line features over 400 stocked gift wrap designs, featuring all occasion and holiday patterns, available for immediate shipment in full ream and half ream rolls, in most cases up to 30” wide. We are also happy to offer our full range of converting capabilities on these items. As we pride ourselves on our creativity, every year we replace over 30% of this line with brand new designs.

Almost all items are suitable for box wrap in addition to gift wrap.

You can view images of all these designs here. Or feel free to contact us and have our sample department supply full size 26″” x 20″ sample sheets.

Sulpaco Mosaic & Preferred Stock

Sulpaco Mosaic and Preferred Stock merges our Mosaic line of papers and our Preferred Stock line of papers.

Mosaic is a palette of designer colors with a matte finish, while being durable and practical. Colors are matched on coordinated base papers so that they blend well when wrapping.
Preferred Stock line features solid colors with a versatile glossy finish, in either buckram or skytogen embossings. Other embossing patterns are also available.
This line can be used as box wrap or gift wrap, and accepts printing such as letterpress, offset, or silk screening.

Timber Tough, Edition 17

Timber Tough features a large selection of colors on different substrates, many different base stocks, along with different finishes. Our prints in this line are all printed on color-coordinated base stocks. Our Timber Tough line now covers the previous offerings of the SpectraSolids and Hardwood lines.

Sulpaco Solids

Our Sulpaco Solids line of colors exhibits a rainbow of colors – from metallic to gloss to matte solids on litho, cast-coated, and kraft bases.
Includes our Customcast, Vista Supreme, Metallics, and Shursheen papers. Updated to now include our signature ‘Velvet Touch’ finish and new Fluorescents. 

Sullivan can even do custom colors for all of these finishes, giving you that exact color you want! Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Look for a line refresh this coming May!

Embossing Designs

Over 300 unique embossing designs, allowing just about any paper to be tailored to your needs. Almost every item we carry in our huge breadth of stock lines can be further customized with an embossing.

Expressions, 2L and 2D

These fashion papers offer a wide gamut of colors and texture that are great for both box wrap and gift wrap. Selections of both pastel colors and earth-tone metallics are perfect for your creative needs.

The Expression line encompasses two companion books – 2D which features all colors with a fluffy embossing to give the papers a lot of depth and character, and 2L which features all colors with a ribbed embossing to create a more subtle finish.

Natural Age

100% natural recycled kraft papers coated with water based inks create this line of eco-friendly papers. Natural Age features plain (non-embossed) and embossed colors.

Custom colors available too, please contact us for more information.

Items are suitable for box wrap, gift wrap, and hot stamping.

Presidential VI

Elegant Gift Wrap and Decorative Covering Papers assembled together creating a stock line of striking metallic and pearlescent finishes as well as our most popular colors with a soft feel Velvet Touch finish.

These versatile papers are suitable for unique Gift Wrap applications and other Decorative Covering uses such as box wrap.

Presidential III

A line of solid colors, available in a wide range of embossings, Presidential III is specifically designed for printing letterpress, offset, and silk screening. This line is also very durable, lending to stamping applications and is UV receptive.

Chromecast 2013

ChromeCast is a cast-coated sheet. It is formulated from multiple coatings on colored base papers. The result is a product that has an ultra-smooth surface and exhibits color throughout. This line has many uses from printing letterpress, to offset, to silk screening.

Arcadia Black

Arcadia is a line of black color throughout papers featuring many different embossings. Available in 50# (82gsm) and 65# (105gsm).