Being Green

"A total of 2,318 Solar Panels power 100% of our Converting needs"

No matter how large or small the action, at Sullivan Paper Company we believe very strongly that every single environmentally friendly undertaking matters –

Sullivan Paper Company has invested Millions of dollars in our equipment, facilities and technology to ensure we provide the most environmentally friendly products that are available anywhere in the World. We pay special attention to our supply chain to ensure our suppliers place the same amount of care into making their products as environmentally friendly as we do.

All printing at Sullivan Paper Company is achieved utilizing environmentally friendly aqueous inks. There are no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS) in our inks. This ink system is used on all our printed products, rather than conventional petroleum-based inks.

There are hundreds of environmentally friendly designed papers available that will most certainly enhance the appearance and provide a unique look to your gifts, boxes, bags, brochures; and the list goes on.

ALL products converted at our East Longmeadow, MA facility are done so utilizing Solar Energy. The importance of reducing our carbon footprint is not lost on our employees.

See more about our Solar Project here

Recycling is also at the forefront of our operation. Internally, SPC has systems in place to recycle 90% of our waste and reuse an overwhelming amount of the water utilized in our production processes through a series of water chillers.

Our “Natural Age” line provides papers that consist of 100% Recycled Fiber Content. This particular line is recommended for functional papers along with decorative Wrapping Paper. This is the paper that would otherwise go to landfills and incinerators. Recycled paper has features which make it more desirable than virgin paper, such as being more opaque, dense, and flexible.

At Sullivan Paper Company, we believe very strongly in preserving the Earth for future generations.

Each piece of paper we recycle; every energy efficient motor and drive we use; the utilization of solar power; creating a closed loop water chilling system for our processes; and maintaining Forest Stewardship Certification – all these things and more help reduce our carbon footprint and make Sullivan Paper Company the most environmentally friendly paper convertor and printer in the United States.

Vendor Compliance Information:

Forest Stewardship ® (FSC ®) Certification