Valentine’s Day Around the World


Valentine’s Day Around the World
By Joyce Furstenau

February 14 is Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day to show love to the special people that you care about. In America, valentine cards are often given along with certain gifts. The most popular gifts given in America are roses and chocolates. It is one of the most popular card-giving holidays in the United States.

2. American school children participate in Valentine’s Day programs. Children perform songs, dances, skits, and plays in some of these programs. Children also make gifts and give cards to their friends and teachers.

3. On Valentine’s Day in England a character called Jack Valentine is said to knock on the back door. He leaves sweets and presents for children. In Denmark and Norway, Valentine’s Day is a time to eat a romantic dinner, send a card to a secret love, or give a red rose to a loved one.

4. In Sweden, Valentine’s Day is called “All Hearts’ Day.” It is celebrated as a time to give flowers and perfume to special women in your life. In Slovenia, they celebrate “A Day of Love” on March 14, instead of on February 14.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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